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evolve featuring r.a.c.

All of us here at 51Fifty love guns and the history of them. After all its our past that makes us who we are or influences our direction. Take the AR platform for instance, this is a time tested, tried and true rifle. Originally designed in 1956 by Eugene Stoner for ArmaLite. While we are thankful for this man’s contribution to firearms, there has been almost no major innovation since 1956 on the AR platform. Enter EVOLVE featuring the patent pending Rapid Action Cam system or R.A.C. for short. This system allows for easier, quicker and safer manipulation and operation of the rifle. R.A.C. replaces the out-of-date take down and pivot system. Using a locking cam with opposing lugs, R.A.C. locks your AR together tighter than has ever been possible. It locks together so tight it almost completely eliminates all upper receiver movement, allowing for a flatter shooting, lower recoiling rifle. Whether you need to clear, clean or just want to quickly change to another caliber/length upper, R.A.C. makes it easy. The system was designed with the input of hundreds of current service military, prior service military, law enforcement & competitive shooters. Simply put this is the best, most thought-out, well appointed, reliable weapon you will own. In other words Beyond Milspec is the new standard, and EVOLVE rifles are the benchmark to be measured against.

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