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Get to know the Team OP51 Shooters

  Team OP51 is a combination of Optimum and 51Ffity. Since Optimum is our partner machining all 51Fifty components as well as their patented scope mounts used by the shooters. We worked very closely as partners to carefully choose who we wanted representing both companies as not only shooters and Brand Ambassadors but also as people. We feel that we have assembled a great well rounded group of shooters and wanted to give the chance to learn more about them, their history, passions and why they chose Team OP51 in their own words. Make sure to follow Team OP51 and the individual shooters on Instagram by clicking on their names or the button below for updates, pictures and information. 

  I found my love of marksmanship from my time in the Marine Corps (served from 2000-2011). One of the best things about the Marine Corps is they ensure that whether you are on the front lines or turning wrenches you are a trained rifleman. After leaving the Marine Corps I moved back home to Kansas City and would shoot at the local range. In the summer of 2016, a good law enforcement friend invited me to a 3-gun match and the rest is history. I currently shoot 3-gun matches and USPSA matches at my local club in Desoto, Kansas and travel to several 3-gun matches all over the county from Wisconsin to Texas! The thing I enjoy the most about the sport is the people. I was missing the comradery after leaving the Marines and 3-gun has filled that void. I also really enjoy introducing new people to the sport and watching them grow both as a shooter and competitor. The sport of 3-gun makes you think and work under pressure, which is very important for me since I carry a firearm daily to protect myself and my loved ones.  

  I wanted to be part of 51fifty & Optimum team after working with KB, Mama D and David on a professional level which then turned into a friendship and now we are one big family. They treat you like family from day one and have taken direct input from me on some things to include in their new EVOLVE rifle platform. 51fifty & Optimum are dedicated to ensuring that every product they manufacture is 100% American made and the best available and that I have the best competition rifle there is, which is why I am excited be part of Team OP51!

  If you see me at a match, you can’t miss me, I run around in a Kilt! Please come saw hello I love meeting new people and seeing why they love this sport as much as I do.

I am a 16-year-old Junior Competitive Multi-gun Shooter from Indiana. I was born into a family who believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment. I first started handling firearms when I was three years old. My parents taught me firearms education and safety from a very young age. When I realized my father came home every morning from work wearing a pistol as he is a Law Enforcement Officer, firearms instructor, and military veteran. I was raised to make firearm safety the most important thing about firearms. The first pistol given to me from my parents was a Ruger Mark III 22/45 Lite. As I grew, I was progressively encouraged to train with larger weapons and became very proficient with them.

I was so interested in learning everything about firearms, I began watching and following a lot of professional shooters on YouTube. Chris Cerino became my favorite professional to follow and at the age of twelve I was able to meet him in person at a NRA Convention. Because of Chris Cerino, I became infatuated with multi-gun competitions. My parents then took me to a multi-gun competition as a spectator and I was instantly hook. At the age of thirteen, I had finally gotten enough money to purchase most of the equipment I would need to compete in multi-gun. The same year I started competing in multi-gun, I also started competing in Trap shooting. Shooting sports at that time became such a passion, I gave up all other sports I was active in to focus on shooting. I do still enjoy spending time with family, hunting, the outdoors and riding my dirt bike.

One of the things I love most about the multi-gun shooting world, other than I get to shoot weapons, is the family atmosphere. My parents and I refer to all the competitors as our extended family. From day one, I have been made to feel like I belong. Everyone helps everyone, even though the participants are competing against each other for prizes or bragging rights. I am constantly trying to get more junior shooters involved in this sport, since my generation will be needed to keep the sport and 2nd Amendment alive.

So why did I choose Team OP51? This was an easy choice for me, when they approached me speaking of their products and family, I felt an instant connection. They have a great passion and many visions for the future. I am proud to be a part of the team as they strive to help others. We share a common theme of supporting our Veterans and Law Enforcement individuals.

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