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Cleaning & Lubrication: Friction Hurts!

Regular firearm maintenance is essential. For break-in, use a quality Military Approved CLP to lubricate the BCG and clean the barrel, firing and cleaning in stages. Regularly clean the BCG and chamber, especially for AR platforms. Use CLP to lubricate moving parts and preserve the firearm’s finish

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Recoil Mitigation and Accuracy: Old Ways vs. Advanced Engineering

Since the introduction of the lightweight and compact AR Platform in the late 1950s, recoil mitigation and accuracy have been ongoing challenges for users. The original design was optimized for long treks through hostile environments, enabling rapid engagement without exhausting the soldier. However, this focus on portability came at the expense of recoil and accuracy. Until now, that is.

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Evolve-15 Apex

Beyond MIL-SPEC: the new benchmark

In the realm of rifles, MIL-SPEC (Military Specification) standards represent the baseline quality and performance benchmarks required by the military. While MIL-SPEC rifles are designed to meet these minimum standards, the concept of “Beyond MIL-SPEC” refers to rifles that surpass these requirements in various aspects, offering superior performance, durability, and user experience.

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Waving US Flag

Freedom, our Republic and our Heroes

The phrase “Freedom isn’t free” highlights that liberties come at a cost, visible in sacrifices by military personnel and civil rights activists. Misunderstanding the U.S. as a pure Democracy, rather than a Constitutional Republic, can erode minority rights and destabilize governance. Recognizing the role of service members is crucial. Engage in civic duties and appreciate those who safeguard freedoms.

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MIL-SPEC: the bar or minimum standard?

MIL-SPEC, short for Military Specifications, ensures basic quality standards in military and aerospace applications. 51Fifty Rifles’ R.A.C. system exceeds these standards, offering higher reliability, compatibility, and performance in AR-15/M4 platforms, enhancing operational outcomes for various users.

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