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evolve featuring r.a.c.

The EVOLVE rifle, developed by 51Fifty and Optimum, represents a significant advancement in firearm technology, blending historical firearm design with modern innovation. Key to its groundbreaking nature is the patent-pending Rapid Action Cam system (R.A.C.), which replaces the traditional AR platform’s take down and pivot system. This new mechanism includes a locking cam and opposing lugs, which enhance the rifle’s performance by providing a tighter lock between the upper and lower receiver. This results in a flatter shooting and lower recoiling firearm, making it easier, quicker, and safer to manipulate and operate.

The EVOLVE rifle’s design was influenced by input from current and former military personnel, law enforcement officers, and competitive shooters, ensuring it meets the high standards required by these professionals. The R.A.C. system also simplifies the processes of cleaning, clearing, and changing calibers or upper lengths, offering versatility and convenience to the user.

Positioned as “Beyond MIL-SPEC,” the EVOLVE rifle is touted as the most reliable and well-appointed weapon available, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Its combination of tradition and cutting-edge technology ensures it is a time-tested and highly reliable firearm, making it an essential addition for any firearm enthusiast or professional user.

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