Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is RAC and why do I need it?

A: Our patent pending Rapid Action Cam (RAC) eliminates the Takedown and Pivot Pins found on conventional Milspec AR Platforms.  It allows you to not only break down your rifle faster for clearing and maintenance, but it also locks the upper and lower together tighter making the system more accurate and without the typical AR rattle

Q: What kind of accuracy can I expect

A: Obviously this boils down to the person on the trigger.  However, depending on the series of rifle you have, you can expect accuracy from ½ MOA (Minute of Angle) to Sub MOA accuracy.

Q: What is your break-in time or is there one

A: All rifles require some break in.  We recommend 100 Rounds after lubricating with CLP be run through the rifle to ensure the barrel and BCG are seasoned and worked in.  You can find detailed instructions on break-in on our site.

Q: Can I use your upper/lower with my existing setup

A: The short answer is no.  Due to our RAC system and the changes we made to the platform, only 51Fifty Uppers and Lowers can be used together.

Q: What is ARCA

A: Swiss ARCA was born from the photography world and spread rapidly to the shooting sports, in particular ELR and PRS.  We were the first to offer this as a standard handguard.  It allows you to use ARCA compatible bipods and tripods and adjust shooting position without having to disconnect from the rest.  In the Tactical Shooting Sports where barricades and tank traps are used, it provides a flat surface and a much more solid rest.

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