About 51Fifty

 From the age of 4 KB’s dad Ron instilled in him a love and knowledge of the outdoors, hunting, shooting and firearms. This love, respect and passion for firearms started by Ron and passed on to KB continues to grow to this day…

KB wanted to give this amazing veteran, husband, father and friend a gift to thank him for all his hard years of service in all aspects of his life. His 66th birthday gift was our very first AR-15 build and it ignited a passion to push the envelope with every build since…

We lost Ron in January 2017, the St. Paul rifle and all the happy memories of our times together keep us striving to bring a superior custom rifle to everyone.



  KB was born a third generation printer and was in the family business into his late 20’s. His combined passion for cars and building things would then send him on his second career path in the auto industry. He spent the next 19 years running finance departments for various automotive brands. Even though both of these career paths were good to him and his family, he never felt passionate about what he was doing.

  However in 2015, after designing the St. Paul rifle for his father that would all change. Over the next seven years KB would work to improve upon the AR platform and push the envelope with new themed rifles. The EVOLVE rifles with their Rapid Action Cam (R.A.C.) system are just one of the many visions he has for the future of the AR platform.


  Mama D, a massage therapist by trade and a nurturer by nature. She has spent the last 15 years nurturing her patients, friends and family. Anyone who meets her instantly knows they will be cared for should there be the need. Mama D has been around firearms her whole life and never thought she would be the co-owner of a firearms company herself.

  She is the inspiration and creative mind behind many of 51Fifty’s themed rifles. Not only in concept, but design and execution. She also adds a much needed womens touch to the design of our products. After all guns don’t need to look like a kid with a ruler designed them. Mama D is just getting started when it comes to product design, apparel design and her favorite…custom designing exclusive colors. She is the heart and soul of 51Fifty….she is our H.B.I.C.


One of the major influences and driving forces at 51Fifty is helping others and giving back. KB and Mama D didn’t serve in the military or walk the thin blue line, but it is important to them to support those who did or do serve. 51Fifty came to be through building crazy themed rifles to raise money for Veteran and Law Enforcement charities. This will always be a major part of 51Fifty, and is just as important to our industry partners. Please take some time to check out the great organizations we support, and maybe get involved with them as well.

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