1. 51Fifty Rifles offers our EVOLVE rifle system for all segments of the industry. Whether you are

an individual looking for a rifle to go to the range, a rifle equipped for your next hunt or you’re a

competition shooter looking to up your game, 51Fifty Rifles has the rifle to meet your needs. We

offer receiver sets and other rifle components as well as 51Fifty apparel. 51Fifty Rifles can also help

you to create a one-off specialty or themed rifle as well if you want to take it to the ultimate

level possible.

  1. If any 51Fifty Rifle’s brand component fails and is determined after inspection by 51Fifty Rifles to

be defective it will be repaired or replaced. Standard time for Warranty Claims and Repairs may vary from 30 – 60 days depending on materials. All sales are final. No refunds will be given.

  1. All sales are final, no exceptions. All sales to an individual through 51Fifty Rifle’s website will

ship to buyer’s FFL within 6-8 weeks after payment has been received, verified and cleared.

  1. Customer Service Contact – info@51fiftyrifles.com
  2. All transactions are to only be conducted in U.S. dollars. No other countries currency is or will be


  1. 51Fifty Rifles does not export any of our products outside of the United States and are only legal

for sale in the United States.

  1. 51Fifty Rifles will ship all serial numbered firearms and receiver sets to a licensed FFL of the

customers choosing once all payments are received, verified and cleared. Nonregulated/serial

numbered components and apparel will ship via courier of 51Fifty Rifle’s choice to

consumer/end user 24 hours after payment has been received, verified and cleared.

  1. 51Fifty Rifles is located in and operates in the state of Texas, United States
  2. 51Fifty Rifles does collect consumer information. All information will be stored securely for

purposes of future marketing, demographics, sales, etc.

  1. All payment will be securely processed through Authorize.net
  2. About Us page shares the history of 51Fifty.

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