Osiris APR

The Osiris A.P.R.(Adaptable Precision Rifle) is designed to be a situation adaptable sniper rifle system to address the needs of military and Law Enforcement professionals. The aircraft grade aluminum chassis features a folding stock with adjustable cheek rest and length of pull butt pad. Also, M-Lok, a removable barricade stop, 8” of integral ARCA rail for shooting off a tripod and a deployable bipod extender for prone shooting. With the ability to swap barrels from short action calibers such as 7.62×51 to long action magnum calibers like .338  Lapua, there is almost no situation or incident that Osiris can’t handle.

  • Carbon Fiber bipod extender(Accuracy Solutions patented design)
  • Bipod extender accepts both picatinny and ARCA bipods
  • 8 inches of integral ARCA Rail
  • Integral barricade stop
  • Folding Buttstock can fold left or right
  • Adjustable cheek riser
  • Adjustable length of pull
  • 3-Lug bolt with a 60-degree throw
  • Swap barrel long action
  • 7 calibers available
  • Machined from U.S. 6061 aluminum
  • Modified M124 barrel profile, straight fluted
  • Dead Air Silencers KeyMo QD Muzzle Brake
  • 4 trigger pull weights available
  • Short action caliber magazines have same dimensions as long action calibers
  • Hard Case
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